Punk'n Geezer


In the...     

....tradition of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and any other 'super groups' you might have heard of, Punk'n Geezer play musical instruments and sing.  That's where the similarity ends.

      Playing a mixture of classics that no one knows, well known songs that no one recognizes, and original songs that no one understands, Punk'n Geezer have blazed a trail of glory across the open mike scene in Anchorage since forming in early 2003.

      Funny?  Perhaps...  Punk'n Geezer agree that they are the two funniest men in the world...  But they don't agree on the order.  But never mind!  They are not onstage to do comedy.  Punk'n Geezer rocks!

     Punk'n Geezer play hard acoustic rock, with passionate vocals born of lives of disappointment and frustration.  If a song is about their girl running off with another man, Punk' Geezer will not be sounding happy about it!  After all, she probably did... and they know what it feels like..   Ouch! 

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