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HI, I'm Walt.  

I make RGW Guitars.   When I started making guitars it was a hobby, but it became much more.  Yet I don't make guitars for a living, I think that might get tedious, and then I probably wouldn't love it so much.

I make guitars as an art.  That has kept me from making commercial compromises.  I build with the intention of pleasing myself and my musician friends, not of achieving profitability.  When I make a guitar I only buy the finest parts available, consequently there are over $700 in parts in most of them.   But they work and sound really, really well.  There in lies my satisfaction.   I enjoy having the best; but making the best is even better!

The intent of my designs is to be simple and elegant. The contrast of the natural wood and black hardware and neck is stunning!   I want a guitar to exude class and function, not just skin-deep flash.  It should turns head, but turn them like a big black Mercedes, not like a red Camaro.

Generally I do the finish in a natural semi-gloss. Perfect for on stage performance, this finish won't blind people (or TV cameras!) by reflecting spotlights like mass produced guitars.

Frankly, these guitars are not for everyone.  They do not belong in the hands of a kid who just wants something loud and shiny. From the beginning, they are engineered to fit the needs of a professional working musician who is concerned with sound, feel, and playability.

Most of our guitars include Moses Graphite necks, and Earvana compensated nuts.

Moses Graphite necks are incredible! If you have played one, I don't need to say more.  If you haven't I'll tell you I can't describe it well enough to do it justice!  They just feel so good!  Smooth and fast, Moses Graphite necks are humidity-proof and stable from below zero to over two hundred degrees!! You won't ever have to adjust it!


Ever have trouble tuning your third string? You know... how it never seems possible to get a 'D' chord and a 'G' chord to both be in tune at the same time? Well guess what. The problem is not the guitar, or you... Its a simple 'laws of physics' thing.  The issue has been resolved by a small company called Earvana.  I build most of my guitars with an Earvana Compensated Nut!  This is a tremendous innovation which I believe you will eventually see on all quality guitars. You have never had a guitar that tunes as well as these.   I say that with confidence... I have owned a lot of guitars..



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  New Guitars for sale



 New Guitars for sale


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